Traveling has always sparked my curiosity. Embarking on a quest to discover new places and cultures. Not knowing what’s to come. Admiration and adventure. The contrast between the bustle of a metropole and the serenity and space of pure wilderness sharpens all my senses. My appreciation and respect, for the magic our planet has to offer just keeps growing. But also the realization that it is a fragile ecosystem.

How can humanity find a new balance to live sustainably on our planet? A big question with societal challenges, such as the aging society and energy & food transition. These challenges can be viewed from a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty. I aim my camera on the positive perspective. My photography of authentic people mingled with majestic landscapes portrays desire and hope. The hope that we can live in harmony and the desire to enjoy our beautiful planet for as long as possible.

– Menno Lammerts van Bueren –


Dutch newspaper NRC June 11, 2022

National Geographic Yourshot Winner

National Geographic (Dutch edition) Winner Foreign Cultures: Sadhus after dinner, Haridwar, India